OMC Technologies DAC, Ballysimon Road, Limerick, Ireland.

Cleanroom Furniture Products
Cleanroom Furniture Products
Cleanroom Furniture Products


At OMC Technologies we pride ourselves on offering our customers a distinctive difference in choosing from our cleanroom furniture products range.

Our Products:


OMC Technologies offer a wide variety of cabinets including Utility Cabinets, Chemical Cabinets, Passthrough Cabinets, Tool Cabinets and a vast range of bespoke cabinets made to suit our customers requirements.


OMC Technologies offer a range of trolleys including: Tool Trolleys, Parts Trolleys, Perventative Maintenance Trolleys, Chemical Trolleys, Sterilisation Trolleys, Certified Weight Trolleys with NSAI Certification, Autoclave Trolleys and we also manufacture bespoke trolleys based on our customers requirements.


OMC Technologies offer a range of bespoke custom made sinks in both 304 and 316 stainless steel. Our sinks can be incorporated into workbenches and drawer units to suit specific requirements.


OMC Technologies offer a wide variety of ergonomically designed workstations both in stainless steel and anodised aluminium. Our products range from static seated to mobile sit/stand operations. We offer height adjustable fully automated workstations with state of the art safety features including anti-collision PIOZO sensors which act as anti-entrapment devices.

Mobile/Fixed Platforms

OMC Technologies provide our customers with a wide variety of mobile/fixed platforms in both Stainless Steel and Aluminium designed to the relevant EN Codes. Platforms can range in size and shape depending on the customers unique requirements.


OMC Technologies offer a range of benches including gowning stepover benches both open and closed types.

Gown Room Fit-Out

OMC Technologies offer a complete solution for gown room fit-outs to match our clients needs. These can comprise of: Mop Cap Holders, Bootie Dispensers, Bins, Tyvek Suit Dispensers, Gowning Rails and hangers and any bespoke items the customer may require.


OMC Technologies offer a range of dispensers including Tyvek Suit Dispenser, Bootie Dispenser, PPE Dispensers & Glove Dispensers. All products can be made as per our customers needs.


OMC Technologies provide a vast selection of bins ranging in size, shape, material and finish. These are bespoke items that are made to meet our customers requirements.

Wall/Floor Protection

OMC Technologies offer a wide range of Wall/Floor Protection in a variety of finishes, profiles and materials including stainless steel/ aluminium. We can design, manufacture and supply generic or bespoke items as required by the customer. Our product range includes:bump rails, wall protectors, door bollards, corner-protectors, skirting etc.

Process Cans

OMC Technologies provide a range of Process Cans from 10litre to 200 litre in both 304 and 316 stainless steel. These cans come complete with lids, o-rings and c-clamp systems. Finish can range from 2B, Polished or electropolished finishes.

Bespoke Solutions

OMC Technologies offer a wide range of engineering and dynamic solutions to our customers. OMC are supplying coffee stations to Bewleys for over 10years.